Tuparekura Rd Kaipara

This lifestyle block near Shelley Beach Kaipara District was exposed to prevailing SW winds and required shelter planting when Carl became involved in 2014. Carl’s design addressed the need for planting along the southern boundary and low maintenance courtyards to the north of the house. Carl and his team planted shelter species in plant guards to protect from browsing rabbits and included the rare native shrub: Pomaderris philicifolia. The garden is simple and low-maintenance and planting is now well-established. It’s been a pleasure to return to site after several years and experience the sheltered environment these plants provide.

Carl worked with us to landscape and create our garden from a bare paddock. Taking the coastal elements and the prevailing winds into consideration we have developed a beautiful native garden that is now regularly visited by native birds. The staged approach to the plan saw shelter planting form the frame for our now flourishing little oasis.

Andy Scotland, Tuparekura Road Kaipara

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