Waihi Academy of Studies

Waihi Academy of Studies is a conference and retreat centre 5 minutes drive from Waihi township. In 2015 Carl was commissioned to design a food forest on one acre of Academy land. The design responded to characteristics of site such as frost incidence, prevailing wind exposure and soil type (Waihi soils are known for their deficiency in boron). Carl began by broadcasting annual groundcovers like lupins and phacelia and planting a row of silver wattle for rapid shelter. Later the same year Carl and his team planted a range of heritage fruit trees and companion species amongst established groundcovers. Six years on these trees are bearing fruit and Carl is working with the Academy on stage 2; a second phase of tree plantings and the creation of an understory of shrubs, perennials and beneficials. Adjacent the food forest an impressive lavender plantation and processing facility have been established in recent years.

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