Kelmarna City Farm

Kelmarna City Farm is an iconic 4 acre market garden and food forest in Auckland’s Herne Bay that has been operating for over 30 years. Carl was commissioned in 2016 by the Kelmarna gardens Trust to create a redevelopment plan for the gardens in consultation with the local community. Over the next 3 years we were hands-on in implementing this plan. We built steps, compost bins, mulch containment, extensive subsurface drainage, edging and retaining walls all with the help of volunteers. Kelmarna is a great example of a community-centric urban farm providing a valuable service in terms of education and demonstrating regenerative farming techniques.

STAGE 2: In 2022 we were engaged to design and plant over 60 additional fruit trees in the paddocks at Kelmarna City Farm on spoils (mounds) created from formed on-contour swales. These linear tree rows are now being inter-grazed by wiltshire sheep followed by chooks in a silvopastural technique (where trees are passively fertilized by animal manure). 

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