Moya Drive Matakana

Carl was engaged in 2022 to design the landscaping around a new house on the outskirts of Matakana Village. The house site had been cut into an existing hillside which resulted in a large expanse of poorly drained clay and associated difficulties with establishing planting and lawn areas. Carl set about rectifying this by adding … Read more

Waipu Productive Landscape

A productive landscape consisting of deciduous orchard, subtropical foodforest and annual + perennial vegetable gardens (with wintergardenzglasshouse).  Designed and planted by the team at Carl PickensLandscapes in 2022.  How can we help? Contact Carl to discuss a project CommunityPROJECTS RURAL LIFESTYLEPROJECTS ResidentialPROJECTS PermaculturePROJECTS

Langs Beach Northland

Carl was engaged in 2021 to design a terraced orchard and market garden near Mangawhai, on a peninsula overlooking the pacific ocean (an ideal location for the lodge / restaurant it will eventually serve). Extensive terracing provides ease of access for over 120 (Northland suitable) fruit trees. A (prior) horse equestrian yard on the lower … Read more

Whakapara Northland

This subtropical food forest was designed and planted in 2022 for eventual use as an educational platform in self-reliance for Northland youth. Over 100 grafted fruit trees (for fast reliable fruiting) have been planted with companion species for nitrogen feeding, biomass gain and rapid shade. The site featured established kikuyu grass which has been removed … Read more