Moya Drive Matakana

Carl was engaged in 2022 to design the landscaping around a new house on the outskirts of Matakana Village. The house site had been cut into an existing hillside which resulted in a large expanse of poorly drained clay and associated difficulties with establishing planting and lawn areas. Carl set about rectifying this by adding subsurface coil drains and removing clay in the most poorly drained areas. A hillside was planted in a mosaic of hardy, low-maintenance NZ and Australian natives with lots of planting amendments (gypsum, compost, fertilizer, garden mix, etc.). Roughly 1000 plants went in the ground, 300m of timber edging, 80 cubes of mulch, 30 cubes of garden mix, 400 weedmatt squares and hardwood stakes to secure the most vulnerable (taller) shrubs. We look forward to seeing the planting patterns take shape over the coming years.   

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