State Highway 2 Whakatane

This Whakatane lifestyle block presented a steep clay bank scenario that needed visual improvement by way of planting. The bank was almost vertical in places and subject to periodic frost, cold winters and drought in summer. Carl specified the hardiest of native plants including a mix of coprosma groundcovers with contrasting astelias for architectural effect. He incorporated Australian grevilleas for their showy flowers and general hardiness. The result is a most interesting mosaic of form and colour that has evolved over the 6 years since planting in 2016.  Other elements of the design included extensive native plantings, steps, a bridge, vegetable gardens, a seating area and drainage swale plantings. 

We live in the eastern Bay of Plenty and were in need of help with landscaping an area of land from steep farm area to garden. Our brief was to plant all in natives so looking up to the  native forest in the distance it looked like an extension of the existing forest. Carl presented us with an extensive plan including plants, constructing timber walls and paths to link the whole plan together. He sourced all the plants which was a huge plus. The area is now 6 years old and has grown to cover the steep slopes with amazing colour and is home to endless numbers of tuis, bellbirds, grey warbler, kereru, and shining cuckoo to name a few. Thank you Carl for guiding us on this journey your vision has created a garden that blends so well with the background and is a delight to work in and just enjoy.

Margaret & Michael Kirk, SH2, Whakatane

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