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Carl Pickens regularly teaches in the realm of permaculture and organics. He has presented at the University of Canterbury, Environment Canterbury, NZILA Auckland branch, Ecomatters Environment Centre, Kaipatiki Project and the NZ Garden Design Society. Carl regularly appears as a guest speaker on permaculture courses around New Zealand including Daniel Tohills modular PDC at Otamatea Ecovillage in Kaiwaka. Grounded in 20 years of practical experience, Carl relishes sharing his knowledge when the opportunity calls.

“I contracted Carl to offer organic gardening workshops for the University’s community garden. We needed someone with the theoretical knowledge of a range of organic gardening subjects and the ability to speak from experience of what works and what doesn’t, while relating easily to a wide range of people in a friendly and respectful manner. Carl exceeded in all of our expectations. Furthermore, Carl actually helped us grow our gardening group network because people attended workshops specifically to see what he had to say. When we did an in-depth analysis of our workshop series, Carl came up as one of our most popular presenters.”

Matt Morris, Sustainability Practices Coordinator for the University of Canterbury

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