Takatu Rd Matakana

This lifestyle block in Matakana was undeveloped and exposed to strong prevailing winds when Carl got involved in 2016. The brief was to create a productive garden with shelter planting, grazing for alpacas, a 25m lap pool and amenity plantings near the house. Carl determined the best approach would be to terrace a northern slope using a combination of retaining walls and 1 in 3 planted batters. Terraces were built on with raised beds, planted out with fruit trees and wrapped in a shelterbelt of hardy native plants. Carl and his team carried out these plantings in 2017 which are now firmly established. Stage 2 (design and build of a 25m lap pool) is now underway.   

From a blank canvas Carl helped us visualise and create our dream outdoor spaces; we started off with two key challenges being clay soil and a high wind zone, at times, being a trade off against a hill side property with expansive views. Carl worked with our ideas and added his mastery around spatial positioning, knowledge of trees, vegetables and building materials to deliver a stunning integrated garden and orchard over 2 levels. In the orchard he built and planted a vibrant wind shelter made up of Pittosporum, Karo and native flaxes which attract flocks of Tuis and Fantails to an area that was previously bereft of birdlife that provides protection to a thriving orchid. Carl designed our garden area to accommodate a series of raised gardens, composting system and wind tunnel with an eye to structure, earth works, retaining and steps in a way that fits in beautifully with the contours of the land and is an absolute pleasure to work in. Around other parts of the property Carl applied his seemingly endless knowledge to help us choose shrubs, trees, ground cover flaxes, fruit trees, hedges and grasses to create wonderful spaces that are pleasing to the eye and bring a smile to our faces.

We recommend Carl because he is brilliant, he knows his trade, he has strong ideas, endless knowledge and will work with you at whatever level you need, where we had firm ideas he would work with them adding his thinking where we had gaps he would plug them, he will do as little or as much as you need, he will do all the physical the work for you (with his team), let you do it or work with you together (we’ve done all three with Carl) and no job is too big or too small, from a small entrance project to a large complex engineering feat

Carl is awesome to work with – the other thing that impressed us about Carl is his genuine interest in the future of his work, years after he worked with us on and completed our first project he would periodically ring and ask to pop back and see how his work was progressing, we would reminisce and discuss how ideas “back then” are literally growing, now, I think that better than anything illustrates how invested Carl gets in his work, he starts his jobs with an eye on the future knowing he will be back at some stage to be judged, which is gold.

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